Focusing on Women's Health from Puberty to Menopause.

  • Latest: The psychosocial impact of alopecia on women

    Alopecia is a non-scarring chronic inflammatory autoimmune disorder that is characterised by patchy or abnormal hair loss. Six women participated in semi-structured interviews on their experiences of living with alopecia and these interviews were analysed using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA). Insight into these psychosocial experiences can inform interventions targeted to women with alopecia.

  • Mastalgia: A Pain in the Breast, but is it Cancer?

    Mastalgia: A Pain in the Breast, but is it Cancer?

    Breast pain, also known as mastalgia and mastodynia, is the commonest reason for consultation about breast problems in both UK primary care and breast units. Most women can be managed by their GPs with reassurance, advice and first-line treatments, but it is essential to identify women who need referral, especially the small minority presenting with pain as a symptom of breast cancer.